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About. The. Fuzz.

The 1st album from The Donny Brooks is a fact, finally! Months of searching for the perfect sound, amp and producer led to making a complete piece of music. Everything comes together in this extraordinary designed album: About. The. Fuzz. It’s a full record with 11 numbers. The Donny Brooks are proud! We’re doing everything we can to make it easier for you to order an album. For now you can order one via the contact page

Cranky Fuzz

It’s hard to describe About. The. Fuzz. But one thing is for sure: is’t a cranky fuzz sound. Wondering what that means? You’ll have to find out for yourself! Come to the next show of The Donny Brooks or order their album About. The. Fuzz.! 


After a long time of recording and producing it’s time for new shows with possibly new songs! Keep an eye on the shows page for new updates! 

Order About. The. Fuzz.! A dirty cranky fuzz sound. One that you’ve never heard!



And we’re online!!

We’re online! Finally! Now you can find the latest news, official video’s, numbers and shows of The Donny Brooks at one place! Read more

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